Mobee The Magic Bar Keyboard/trackpad Charging cradle for Apple Magic Trackpad


$ 12.95 $ 39.95


Package contents: Mobee Charger and Battery.

The Magic Bar from Mobee Technology is the world's first wireless charger dedicated for the Apple wireless keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad. A Magical solution to recharge your Wireless Keyboard or your Magic Trackpad that takes only 1 minute to setup! Never replace batteries again with Mobee's magical wireless inductive charger for the Apple wireless keyboard and the Apple Magic Trackpad. Just plug the Magic Bar into a USB port on your computer and it's ready to recharge the Wireless Keyboard or Magic Mouse, wirelessly! The aesthetic design of the Magic Bar blends comfortably on your desk with your Apple products and will definitely become the place where you park your wireless keyboard or Magic Trackpad when you leave your desk. The wireless keyboard and the Magic Trackpad will still operate while charging.