Topps Apex Soccer Trading Card Box 2015 Major League Soccer MLS Soccer Topps


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2015 Topps APEX MLS is a new addition to the growing Topps MLS soccer arsenal. Focusing on artistic designs, master hobby boxes include two autographs and one relic card.

The artistic 2015 Topps APEX MLS design is much different than MLS collectors have seen since Topps took over the card license. Including 100 cards, the base set features MLS rookie cards for David Villa, Frank Lampard, Sebastian Giovinco and Mix Diskerud. There are also several colorful parallels including Gold (#'d), Orange (#/25 - Hobby), Red (#/5), Black (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).

Base Card Short Prints are a limited option that covers players that are not included in the base set.

2015 Topps APEX MLS autographs average one per mini-box and two per master box. New signers include David Villa and Jorge Campos. The Base Autograph set is further enhanced with Gold (#'d), Orange (#/25 - Hobby), Red (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

Now and Then Dual Autographs are serial numbered and pair top former players with current stars. Dual Autographs (#'d) feature two autographs but only include current players. Both combo signature cards also have a Red (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallel.

Falling as a hobby-only case hit, Match Day Die-Cut Autograph Relics include a signature and match-used soccer ball piece. There are also Red (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

Relic cards average one per 2015 Topps APEX MLS master box and include two main options. Crest Jumbo Relic cards are only found in hobby boxes and feature a large jersey swatch integrated into the new MLS crest. Gold (#'d), Orange (#/25), Red Patch (#/5), Black Adidas Logo (1/1) and Printing Plates Prime Patch (1/1) parallels offer additional rarity and nicer relic pieces.

Dual Relics combine two players with jumbo relics. The serial numbered cards also have Red (#/5), Black (1/1) and Printing Plate (1/1) parallels.

Two inserts round out the product. Captains honor the team leaders like Robbie Keane, while Alliances pay homage to the top player pairings in the league. Both inserts also have parallels. This includes Gold (#'d), Orange (#/25 - Hobby), Red (#/5), Black (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).

Product Configuration: 32 cards per mini-box, 2 mini-boxes per master box
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Soccer Card

2015 Topps Apex MLS Master Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Crest Jumbo Relic or Dual Relic
  • 2 Autograph Cards
  • 64 Total Cards